5 Online Dating Profile Features That Men Incorrectly Think Women Like

Posted on: 31 August 2015

Research shows that at least 51 percent of Australians have tried or will consider trying dating online . With so many people on dating sites, it's increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd, but men continually make online dating profile mistakes that drive women away. You may mistakenly believe that the five following features attract the ladies, but they'll probably have the opposite effect.

Shirtless photos

Shirtless photos will often deter women from a bloke's online dating profile. You may think you look incredibly hot, but a shirtless photo suggests over-confidence and arrogance, which are hardly likely to win favour. What's more, a shirtless selfie leaves little to the imagination. Many women would rather see a well-cut shirt that inspires them to find out what's underneath.

Anything to do with beer

Aussie women know that their men love to drink, but they don't necessarily want to associate that habit with you from the moment they first see you. A picture of you and your mates out drinking may suggest to you that you're a fun-loving guy, but a woman is more likely to think you're a drunken idiot. As such, there's no place for beer in your online dating profile.

Offensive terminology

If you want to attract a woman, you need to show that you can respect her. Offensive terminology will quickly deter most women, even if you think you're just a bit of a larrikin. For example, don't tell readers that 'gold diggers need not apply'. This sort of language makes you sound petty, bitter and arrogant, which means nobody will apply.

Broken heart descriptions

Even if you've only just recovered from a painful split, it's unlikely that your next girlfriend wants to hear about it. You may believe that you're showing a potential partner your sensitive side, but you're more likely to sound needy. Focus your online dating profile on what you want to find, and avoid any mention of the things you need to leave behind.


If you're going to embrace the world of online dating, it's particularly uncool to suggest you find the world a rather tiresome place. You may think that statements that suggest you are too good for it all give you a wry, aloof appeal, but you'll probably only make potential girlfriends run a mile.

If you've decided to throw yourself into the mix, embrace the occasion and show off everything you have to offer. Most people feel a little awkward and nervous to start with, but humility always goes a long way. If you really were too good for it all, you wouldn't have signed up.

A good online dating profile could leave you with more proposals than time, but some mistakes are likely to result in no dinner dates night after night. To make sure you convey the right image, avoid the dating profile errors that so many men unwittingly make.