4 Trendy Baby Items That Will Ease Your Life

Posted on: 14 April 2015

Not all trends for baby items are created just to sell more product; some are also designed to make any parent's life easier. When you're expecting or are getting ready to adopt and are shopping online for the baby items you need, check out a few of these items. They're sure to make life easier on you and on your new baby as well.

1. Fasteners and straps for small items

Fasteners for a baby's pacifier have been around for some time; they clip to the pacifier and the front of a baby's clothes and prevent the pacifier from falling to the ground every time it gets spit out. Today's baby products manufacturers have taken this handy item one step further—now you can get fasteners and straps that hook to a high chair, stroller, and anywhere else you might put your baby.

These fasteners can loop around a bottle, baby cup, pacifier, and even a favorite toy. When your baby tosses these items or lets them drop, you don't need to worry about having to retrieve them and clean them before you hand them back.

2. Diaper clutches

There's no need to carry around a heavy diaper bag if you're just taking your baby to the store or a quick trip to the park. A diaper clutch, much like a smaller handbag clutch, is all you need to stow a diaper or two along with some wipes and a bottle. These clutches are also stylish and may come in a wide range of colors and materials. Be sure you get one along with your standard diaper bag so you have something simple and manageable for everyday use.

3. Wipe warmers

Cold wipes on a baby's bottom can be very upsetting, especially during the wintertime when your baby may be cold already. A wipe warmer is a simple unit that plugs in and which safely heats your box of wipes. This can keep them at a much more comfortable temperature and make diaper changes much easier on your baby.

4. Storage cushions

As your baby gets older and learns to sit up, you may want to invest in a nice seat cushion you can use at the park or in a stroller. These come with storage inside so you can easily stow diapers and wipes, or an extra blanket. They can keep baby comfortable while giving you an extra bit of storage space while you're away from home.

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